Anita Hosiery Works – A Warning from a Customer

Anita Hosiery Works is located in Sialkot, Pakastan, and claims to be a manufacturer and supplier of sports wear.
They have a website,, and they are present on several directories online. But our experience
trying to do business with Anita Hosiery Works can be summed up to this:

  • Agreeing on items and terms
  • Invoice received
  • 150 EUR transferred via bank transfer to Pakistan
  • No goods delivered
  • Closed lines of communication

Here at we can only assume that we have been victims of fraud, and that Anita Hosiery Works never intended to provide the goods after they had cheated us into prepaying for the agreed order. Needless to say, we strongly advice others against doing business with this company.

Here’s the story.

The beginning: An email from Anita Hosiery Works

We have previously had road bike jerseys printed with our logo produced by a British supplier, IMP Sport, we found online. We were extremely satisfied with the quality and IMP Stort as a supplier, but the jerseys were a bit pricy and the cost of shipping to Denmark were high. So when we were approach by a sales representative from Anita Hosiery Works promising great quality at fair manufacturing and shipping costs, we decided to give it a

Anita Hosiery Works logo

The email suggested that they could send us a sample to test the quality. We agreed to this, since it seemed the approach of a sales rap confident in his product.

However, the reply (which came instantly) was that we would have to pay for the sample. Fair enough, we thought, but then we would need a sample featuring the printed logo to see printing quality for ourselves.

Sealing the agreement

Once we had showed signs of being interested in doing business with Anita Hosiery Works, the sales representative became even more pushy. Would we need more of this? How about some of that? etc. With increasing impatience he pushed for sealing the agreement, and he seemed rather annoyed with us for needing to verify import regulations etc. before moving forward with the production.

50+ Emails

Looking at our mailbox, I see more than 50 emails going back and forth with the sales representative from Anita Hosiery Works. Finally, we agreed on the shipment and payment, and we were provided with bank information and IBAN number plus instructions on how to pay. We knew that if you use a bank transfer and not a credit card, you are uncovered, if the supplier won’t hold up to his end of the deal. But having tried the procedure before with
companies in the UK, and considering the relatively low amount, we decided to go ahead.

Money Transfer Received – Radio Silence

We transferred the money and asked for the sales representative to let us know when they had received the money.
A few days later, the sales representative confirmed and gave an estimated production date (all of a sudden a little further into the future than originally advertised, but never mind). He also asked if we would be interested in purchasing further items – now we could get a good deal, he promised.

We did, however, make clear that we would like to stick to the agreed items, and from then: total silence.
No replies to our inquiries any more – and of course not when we asked the sales representative to cancel the deal and (ha ha) refund the payment.


To sum up, this story is a warning to other potential sport wear importers from doing business with Anita Hosiery Works. We will certainly stick to reputable EU suppliers in future – and think twice before paying an unknown supplier up front.